High Value Transport

Your goods are valuable. That is why Van Swieten Air Cargo takes great care to ensure safe transport. Our special Security department takes care of the complete coordination of every High Value Transport.

The driver receives specific driving and safety instructions and follows a defined route. We can follow every metre of this journey by geofencing and route fencing. Every High Value Transport is protected to 24/7 internal and external monitoring. If necessary, we will arrange for the transport to be escorted.

In short: we leave nothing to chance.


Our trucks and trailers are equipped with high quality safety systems to deliver your goods safely to their destination.

Alarms, SBS Security Locks, door sensors and panic buttons are standard equipment.

Our certified safety concept is continuously being upgraded. Tapa TSR level 1 is leading the way in this regard.


  • Security alarm on trailer and truck
  • Route fencing location and route
  • 24/7 external monitoring & intervention
  • No stops if necessary ( 2 driver)
  • Active monitoring
  • Certified Tapa TSR 1,2 and 3
  • Own Security department
  • Certified SBS lock
  • Hard bodied trailers
  • GPS, Satellite tracking technology
  • Background check employees and drivers
  • Security and Robbery trained drivers
  • Dedicated trucking


In addition to the necessary safety measures, we provide optimal knowledge within our organisation. We are therefore in possession of the TAPA – TSR (Technology Asset Protection Association – Trucking Security Requirements) certificate, levels 1, 2 and 3.

In addition, all our employees attend various training courses, including BML R&R (Security of Airfreight Personnel, Robbery & Response).

Also, every six months, all our drivers receive a mandatory training on Robbery and Response.

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