Van Swieten Air Cargo stands for, and champions, quality. This is reflected in our efficient and careful way of working, in our flexibility and in the personal service we offer. Without losing sight of this, we also keep pace with the rapidly changing world of transport. Being up to date and staying up to date – we think it’s important. That is why we invest in sustainability, in safety, in our clients and in our employees.

Membership and certification


We are an active member of ACN (Air Cargo Netherlands), the trade association for the air freight industry in the Netherlands.

Our drivers have an ACN pass and thus easier access to the terminals of Schiphol Airport. This speeds up the delivery time of your export air freight.



We are an active member of TAPA (Technology Asset Protection Association) and hold the TAPA – TSR (Trucking Security Requirements) certificate, level 1.

ISO 9001 and 14001

We are ISO 9001:2015 (quality management) and ISO 14001:2015 (sustainability) certified.


All our drivers are in possession of the BML R&R certificate (Security of Airfreight, Robbery & Response Employee).


All our drivers have the ADR certificate; the Europe-wide recognised certificate of professional competence for the transport of dangerous goods within Europe.


All our employees are screened and in possession of a Certificate of Good Conduct (VOG).

Euro 5 and 6 emission standard

Our trucks comply with the European emission standards with at least an emission standard Euro 5 and for the most part emission standard Euro 6.

STEK inspection

Our trailers are subjected to preventive maintenance and STEK (Stichting Emissiepreventie Koudetechniek) inspections.

Continuous Improvement

Our work processes are based on the Continuous Improvement methodology. That is why we work according to the principles of First Choice. In short, this means that we follow a defined step-by-step plan in order to achieve process optimisation and thus optimal service provision.

Our managers and supervisors follow a training course in which DMAIC (Define, Measure, Analyze, Implement and Control) occupies a prominent place. Based on this step-by-step plan, we look at existing processes and agreements with our customers. Wherever possible, we make improvements that we embed in our business operations.

In addition, we can advise our customers on improvements in their transport chain that lead to a smoother transport flow. In this way, we work towards more efficient cooperation and cost savings.

First Time Right

We also apply our Continuous Improvement approach to the implementation of new traffic flows. Through good preparation, we can ensure a First Time Right implementation. The start of a new transportation lane or transport package passes through three phases.

During the Hyper Care phase, the start-up phase, we seek regular contact with our client to discuss the performance and possible points for improvement. The management is intensively involved in the implementation in this phase.

The successful completion of the Hyper Care phase is followed by the Medium Care phase, in which we discuss the collaboration with our client on a weekly basis and adjust it if necessary.

After the successful completion of the Medium Care phase, Business as Usual will follow. Performance meetings are held on a weekly, monthly or quarterly basis, depending on the client’s wishes and the size of the project.

Go Green

We believe that a sustainable approach is important and are happy to contribute to a better environment. Our fleet therefore complies with the highest emission standards in order to limit CO2 emissions as much as possible.

We are also aware that sustainability is a factor in all aspects of business operations, including the small details. We therefore strive for a minimum print consumption. After working hours, we switch off our computers to avoid wasting energy. And we follow training courses as much as possible online instead of on location.

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